Welcome to JB Horse Boarding!

We are located in Kempner, TX. Purchase hay, enjoy spacious stalls, open turnout, and more!

About Our Horse Boarding Business

We are a family-owned business that is home to many horses here in Kempner, TX. We offer a range of services, including daily turnout, and feeding, as well as access to an open arena.

Image arena

Open Arena

  • Large enough to accommodate multiple horses
  • Designed for horses to exercise and play
  • Night Lights for Night Riding
Image of 5 acres of land for turn out

Turn out

  • Fully fenced off and offering plenty of space for horses to roam free.
  • Located on five acres of land
  • Also offers the opportunity for trail rides
Image stalls


  • Stalls are typically equipped with hay and other amenities to keep the horses comfortable.
  • Different sizes ranging from 10x40 to 20x30